Purpose: create a forum for students’ interaction with each other and leaders of Gloria Charities towards exchange of ideas and information aimed at leadership development and growth. Also, use the forum to encourage students to connect with each other and form friendships.

Membership: Primarily students in tertiary institutions.


  • Seminars on sexual violence among teens
  • Mentoring of senior secondary school students towards better examination performance
  • Thriving WhatsApp platform with increasing membership

2023 Essay Writing Competition

Ready to embark on a wild ride of self-expression and transformation? Get set for the thrill of a lifetime with the “2023 Annual Essay Writing Competition and Scholarship Awards,” brought to you by the powerhouse team at Gloria Charities Initiative.

Spoiler alert: Hold onto your pens because we’re about to redefine what an essay contest is all about. So why join?

  • Promotion of Education and Writing Skills
  • Community Engagement and Social Responsibility
  • Financial Support and Recognition

Ready, Set, Write!
Getting in on the action is as easy as hitting send! Create your literary masterpiece, reach out to us, and take a moment to familiarize yourself with the detailed guidelines provided below for a more thorough grasp of the competition requirements.

2023 Annual Essay Writing Competition and Scholarship Awards

As an organization, Gloria Charities Initiative, in partnership with Gloria Charities International, believes in the power of education. Over the generations, education has been established as one of the factors that propel people towards a successful life. Because of this, GCI is dedicated to helping students in our areas of operation to continue to grow and succeed in their academic careers towards achieving a better future.

One important area of accomplishing this is writing. Writing is one of the best ways for students to express themselves and become better users of the English language. Students of tertiary institutions in Ekiti State, with primary advantage given to members of the “Tomorrow’s Leaders” Club, will have the chance to explore some creative topics in this year’s essay contest.

Essay Rules –
1. To participate, students must submit their essays via EMAIL by the deadline. (See below)
2. One (1) essay per student will be accepted.
3. Essays MUST be composed of the topics and follow the specified word count: MUST be no more than 1000 Words (4 Pages)
4. Essays will be reviewed beforehand and displayed no later than the middle of December.
5. Plagiarism of any kind will result in the immediate disqualification of essay submission.

Essay Topics
1. Influence of Education in Your Community and Education as a Catalyst for Transformation: Explore the influence of education on the lives of individuals in our community. Reflect on personal experiences or observations that illustrate how education has been a catalyst for transformation. Discuss the broader implications of education in our community, emphasizing its role in development and the creation of a vibrant and empowered society. Address any challenges related to education within the community and propose innovative solutions.
2. Humanitarian Concerns and Social Responsibility: Community Focus or Global Approach? In the ever-expanding landscape of humanitarian concerns and social responsibility, a crucial question emerges: Is our primary obligation to address issues in our immediate community or to extend our efforts globally? As you think through this question, consider not only the broader philosophical perspective but also the tangible steps one might take to make a meaningful difference. Identify a specific issue, be it within your local community or on a global scale, that resonates with you. How would you address and contribute to solving this chosen problem?

Who Can Participate:
Students of tertiary institutions at all levels, including Colleges of Education or Health Tech, Polytechnics, and Universities: limited to Undergraduates only. Membership in Gloria Charities’ “Tomorrow’s Leaders” Club is an advantage, but not a requirement.

How to Submit:
Include on the top page of your essay your full name, college and grade level, email address, and phone number. Essay must be double line spaced and use Arial 12-point Font. Save as a WORD document and email to EDUCATION.MISSIONS@GLORIACHARITIES.ORG not later than 12:01am, December 16, 2023. Also include a copy of your College/University Admission Letter for verification.

Announcement of Winners:
Winners will be announced before New Year’s Day, January 1, 2024.

1st Place: N75,000.00
2nd Place: N60,000.00
3rd Place: N50,000.00
4th – 30th Winners: N40,000.00 each

Please come back for more info