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Education is one of the things that can propel someone towards a better life. We are an organization that believes in the power of education. Through charity, we help the less privileged children and adults in our six areas of primary operations namely: Education, Health Care, Micro-Financing, Agriculture, Youth Development, and Skill Development. We hope to see you become a part of our mission!

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Our goal is to pursue our educational mission of supporting schools, students and teachers in the local communities of Ekiti State, which has been known from the 1960s for raising many academic personalities in the history of the Western Region of Nigeria.

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Education is essential in daily life. Yet, many of us are unable to go to school for a variety of reasons...

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Health Care

Unfortunately, not all individuals have access to even the most basic health care...

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For most of the individuals we serve, the lack of financial resources is the primary reason why they are unable to fulfill even their basic day-to-day needs...

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A lot of communities depend on farming as a livelihood. There are also those that have not seen the potential of farming in their respective communities yet...

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Youth Development

The youth holds our future. We understand that they are going to be the future leaders of different nations...

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Skill Development

Skills can be learned and acquired. But, learning can be difficult for less fortunate individuals...

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