We are proud to facilitate a number of activities that the children, youth, and adults in rural areas can benefit from.
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Gloria Charities International recognizes the role of children and the youth in our world’s future. That is why we aim to give them all the support that they need, especially those who are unable to get such support due to poverty and other problems that many are facing today.

Gloria Charities operates in Minnesota, USA and Africa with emphasis on Southwestern Nigeria. We primarily serve elementary and high school students as well as adults living in rural areas. Our activities are categorized in the following:


Education is essential in daily life. Yet, many of us are unable to go to school for a variety of reasons. Poverty, lack of classroom facilities, and lack of educational supplies are some of the main reasons.

We promote education through the grant of academic scholarships. Free books and school supplies are handed out to students. Libraries are also being put up in collaboration with our sponsors. Furthermore, we offer summer programs, inter-school science exhibitions, debates, and essay writing contests to nurture the competitive spirit of the students. Adult literacy is also an area we are working on.

Health Care

Unfortunately, not all individuals have access to even the most basic health care. We have made it our responsibility and commitment to bring health care closer to many people. We have volunteer doctors, nurses, and other care professionals who conduct medical missions, health education, and dietary education that will benefit children and adults alike.


For most of the individuals we serve, the lack of financial resources is the primary reason why they are unable to fulfill even their basic day-to-day needs. We facilitate micro-financing activities where we coordinate small loans to people in the local areas. Through these small loans, recipients can get a good start towards establishing a business, owning a home, or completing their education.


A lot of communities depend on farming as a livelihood. There are also those that have not seen the potential of farming in their respective communities yet. We help these communities invest in farming so they can provide food for themselves, their families, and their communities. We even sponsor farming tools and equipment.

Youth Development

The youth holds our future. We understand that they are going to be the future leaders of different nations. We help develop the youth through activities, such as computer literacy, sports, lectures, literary debates, and essay writing. These well-rounded activities can help the members of the youth uncover their talents and use them to change their current situations for the better.

Skill Development

Skills can be learned and acquired. But, learning can be difficult for less fortunate individuals. Our recipients can attend our seminars, lectures, and conferences for free. We have volunteer speakers willing to speak about and teach a variety of skills necessary in a particular career and in life.

It is never too late for you to reach out a helping hand. We are accepting volunteers, donations, and sponsors. If you wish to speak to our team about our charity works, please don’t hesitate to contact us online.