Gloria Charities is a 501 c (3) USA registered nonprofit committed to the education, enlightenment, entrepreneurship, skill development, and healthy living of children and youth in rural communities. Our number one goal is raising TOMORROW’S LEADERS. We also strive to see the improvement of lives through literacy, skills development, engagement, and tooling.

The Journey So Far

Gloria Charities International was publicly launched in August of 2018.

In September of 2018, we donated computers and tablets to 3 high schools in Ekiti State Nigeria.

In 2019, we gained official recognition as a 501 c. 3 by the United States Treasury Department.

At the same time, we were officially registered in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission, although under the name, “Gloria Charities Initiative”.

Efforts began in 2019 to acquire parcels of land for development of Gloria Charities projects.

This came to fruition in March 2020 when we acquired 31.5 plots of land in Iye-Ekiti, Ekiti State for a future campus which will comprise of a Modern Library, Technical College, Community Center, and Guest Houses.

In March 2020, we achieved a major milestone: the commissioning of our first Town Library in Iye-Ekiti with a total of 168 books for JSS and SSS students.

In the summer of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we organized several virtual events via Zoom with students of high schools and colleges.

Out of those events emerged the formation of a students’ club called, TOMORROW’S LEADERS.

In collaboration with Students, our Librarian and Volunteers organized a community-wide symposium on the topic, “The Future Is In Your Hands, Act Now”.

In November 2020, Gloria Charities International gave out scholarships of N25,000 to 16 college students chosen through need-based interviews.

Also, in November 2020, we completed the architectural development of the land we purchased in the spring including full designs for the new library. It is expected that we will do the foundation laying of the library building before the end of the year.

What Lies Ahead

Our goal is to pursue our educational mission of supporting schools, students and teachers in the local communities of Ekiti State, which has been known from the 1960s for raising many academic personalities in the history of the Western Region of Nigeria. The activities in this regard include:

1. Organizing extra-curricular activities in high schools such as debates, essay writing competitions, science projects and excursions.
2. Supporting schools’ computer and technology education to prepare students for jobs of tomorrow.
3. Providing needy students with scholarships to meet some of their college school fees and expenses.
4. Supporting high schools with affordable capital projects like boreholes, library books and computers and other needs as they come up.
5. Organizing summer schools for students and teachers’ refreshers in collaboration with the local and state education departments.
6. Establishing a Technical College for the training of artisans and entrepreneurs to spur the development of local communities with small businesses.

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