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Where We Are

Gloria Charities International had its public launching back in August 12, 2018. Immediately after, Grace Charities International submitted their application for full status as an official 501(c)(3) to the US Treasury Department. By the end of June 2019, the organization received an official correspondence which conferred on Grace Charities International the status of a Non-Profit Organization. At the same period, an application was submitted to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria. Soon after being awarded the name recognition as GLORIA CHARITIES INITIATIVE, the organization received their incorporation paperwork from the CAC last August 23, 2019. Within the same period, the organization secured a property in Iye-Ekiti in Nigeria. The launching of Gloria’s African projects will be situated in the said location.

The accomplishments the group has attained within the first year is an encouragement; however, it also serves as a reminder of the bigger work and responsibilities that are yet to be accomplished. Currently, the organization is drafting its propositions for the Gloria Charities International projects. The contents of the said proposal are also detailed in our initial business plan. As a help to better improve the projects and project implementation, the organization would appreciate any kind of comments and suggestions.

  1. 1.School of Computers and Technology

    This project hopes to create a school that will provide young people from all over Ekiti State and beyond with education that will equip them in the areas of computer, technology, business management, and leadership. Through this said project, our organization hopes to help students find high paying jobs after they graduate from the institution. We are well aware of the long process and legal implications this may involve in terms of approval, funding, and building. As such, to fast track the process, we will begin with a single building on the land acquired in Iye-Ekiti. Through the proposed school, we hope to improve the knowledge regarding technology among the youths of Ekiti. With this project, we wish to make the students of our school capable of competing with the developments present in Nigeria’s business capital.

  2. Microfinance

    The programs we have are not only geared towards the youth in Nigeria, but also to the individuals looking for a means of living. Through the proposed microfinance project, we aim to provide beneficiaries with the necessary support they need in boosting their businesses. The loan will not have added interest, however, it requires the borrower to pay within the stipulated time. This serves the purpose of ensuring that the resources are not wasted on activities such as merrymaking, partying, and lending to other individuals. The payments from the loan received will then be loaned off again to a beneficiary. This cycle allows for the continuity of the said program. Among the beneficiaries this program caters to are tailors/sewing mistresses, cottage farmers, petty traders, and bricklayers.

    To start the project, the initial lending will cater to 5 individuals. These individuals will be selected through an application and interview process. In this stage, a board will assess the plans that an applicant has for the money loan. After the deliberations, there will be a recommendation of winners. Each successful applicant will be given loan worth N100,000. The project will first be experimented in the Iye-Ekiti area. In the case of a successful trial run, expanding to other towns will be put into consideration.

  3. Adult Education

    Our proposed Adult Education program aims to teach adults within the local community the basic reading and writing skills. Apart from that, we wish to educate them on good hygiene behaviors. Together with our community leaders, Nigerian Board members, adult participants, and modalities, we hope to develop a holistic adult education program.

  4. Scholarships

    This upcoming year 2020, we hope to propose a partnership with the 3 secondary schools which were recipient to our computer donations back in 2018 (Iye-Ekiti, Osi-Ekiti, and Oye-Ekiti). In this partnership, the partner schools are to recommend outstanding graduating students to be awarded an annual scholarship. These options will be deliberated on by a decision-making board. Preferably, scholarship recipients will receive annual scholarship awards. This scholarship will be assessed yearly based on the scholar’s performance.

  5. Essay Writing Competition

    In partnership with the 3 high school partners, we are also planning to launch an essay writing competition. In the said competition, there will be two levels of elimination. First, each school is to select their top 5 winners. The 5 students from each school will compete in the final competition. The top three winners will be given awards.

  6. Literary and Debate

    The elimination mechanics of this competition will be similar to the proposed essay writing competition. Through this event, we wish to acknowledge the top-performing students by gathering them at Gloria Charities Campus. Here they can compete to determine who is the best among the best. The winners will be awarded modest cash awards.

  7. Teach the Teachers and Students Summer Programs

    Over the next months, the program proposal will be fine-tuned. As of now, the immediate plan or our organization is to utilize the facilities of the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti. This will be temporary until Gloria’s projects can establish their own facility.

    Please let us know your thoughts on this proposal. We will also be extending this request to our leaders in Nigeria who have participated in similar projects and those leaders who are familiar with similar projects in their careers.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance.


Oladipo & Mariam Ajayi (Founders)
Gloria Charities International

If you have any suggestions to help us improve our projects, please let us know by sending us a message.